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Medication Assisted Treatment Statistics prove that MAT is ideal and works for those individuals that have formed a dependance to kratom.

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                                           Kratom Addiction Treatment

Kratom Addiction Treatment is a site designed and operated to help educate you or a loved one about the dangers of using kratom and options for getting help.  Kratom is quickly moving to be the next legal opiate based drug sold legally in the Unites States over the internet and at local kava bars.  We work with many of the best kratom addiction treatment centers in the United States and can help you find the best one that is right for you and meets your needs.

Kratom is currently being marketed for medicinal purposes and is typically smoked or brewed in a tea.  Kratom produces very similar effects to that of opiates and also forms a physical dependence within the body.  Kratom, some say is legal opiates sold over the counter at most smoke shops and on many different sites on the internet.

Kratom addiction treatment centers specialize in detoxing and treating persons who have developed an addiction to kratom. Through a 5-10 day medical detox, persons can taper down from the drug without going into withdrawals similar to that of opiates.  While in a kratom addiction treatment center, individuals learn new coping and life skills necessary to remain abstinent from the drug.

Kratom is very dangerous to use and a gateway drug to lead to more serious opiates.  Kratom is especially dangerous for persons who are already in recovery as it is viewed as a relapse.  If you or a loved one is struggling from kratom abuse or addiction, please call us now.  We can help.

Kratom Addiction Treatment